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Discover the inspiring story of a man who learned that having a perfect life isn’t the same thing as having perfect happiness.

Told in Todd Patkin’s own words, Finding Happiness explores the painful emotions that often lie just beneath the surface of a “perfect” life.

Born into a prosperous family, Patkin felt the need to “prove” himself from childhood on. Combined with a personality that tended toward worry, this drive led to high grades and, eventually, astounding business success…but it also cultivated separation anxiety, damaging perfectionism, low self-esteem, high levels of stress, and depression that Patkin kept hidden from the outside world. And eventually, this “perfect-on-the-outside” life imploded when, at the age of thirty-six, Patkin suffered a complete, crippling breakdown.

Book TrailerAs you read about Patkin’s struggles, progress, and realizations, you’ll probably recognize challenges that have cropped up in your own life. And, like Patkin, you may realize that the things that actually make you happy are very different from those you thought would bring you contentment.

Part memoir, part self-help guide, Finding Happiness describes one man’s quest to find the “good life” that eludes so many of us. Patkin’s book is interspersed with expert commentary by his coauthor, psychologist Dr. Howard J. Rankin, on subjects ranging from depression to bullying to healthy goal setting. It concludes with Patkin’s own tried-and-true “Twelve Weeks to Living a Happier Life,” a program that will give you the step-by-step tools you’ll need to proactively build your best and happiest life.

Packed with candid observations and lessons that can be applied in the living room, the boardroom, and just about everywhere in between, Finding Happiness has something to teach us all.


“Todd is a gifted storyteller…He provides a true-life path to follow that can take any one of us from despair to hope, from anguish to joy.”
Dr. Richard Levin, Executive Coach & Leadership Developer, Boston, MA

“Todd Patkin…openly discusses money, religion, and politics and the role they have (and haven’t) played in his happiness journey...I deeply admire him for exposing his life so that others can learn what the components of happiness truly are…and aren’t.”
Brian Fox, Creative Fine Artist

“It’s time for us to change what we prioritize, how we live our lives, and how we measure success. We can choose to pursue our present course of being overstressed, overworked, and fundamentally dissatisfied, or we can choose to take Todd Patkin’s message of healing and hope to heart.”
Salman Ahmad, Founder of Pakistani Rock Band Junoon, UN Goodwill Ambassador

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