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Finding Happiness

Meet Todd
Todd Patkin grew up in Needham, Massachusetts. After graduating from Tufts University, he joined the family business and spent the next eighteen years helping to grow it to new heights. After it was purchased by Advance Auto Parts in 2005, he was free to focus on his main passions: philanthropy and giving back to the community, spending time with family and friends, and helping more people learn how to be happy. Todd lives with his wife and love of his life, Yadira. They have one grown son, Josh.

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Meet Todd’s Coauthor
Dr. Howard J. Rankin is a licensed clinical psychologist with a psychotherapy practice, the Rankin Center for Neuroscience and Integrative Health, on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. He has written seven books and coauthored two more, including the bestselling Inspired to Lose.  He has appeared on many national shows including CNN, The View, and ABC’s 20/20. His website is He is the author of the “Expert View” sections in Finding Happiness.

Finding Happiness with Todd

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Finding Happiness with Todd

In this new series, Patkin identifies twelve things that will help anyone begin to lead a happier life, especially if they’re added on one at a time to your life and in the order in which they’re given. You’ll begin to focus more often on the behaviors, people, and things that will enrich and fulfill you, and that will inspire your positive physical, mental, and emotional growth. And conversely, you’ll stop allowing your negative moods and habits to dictate your life. If you’re ready to take control of the stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts that have been running your life so far, then tune in to learn about Patkin’s Twelve Weeks to Living a Happier Life…and why they’ll work for you.

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