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I love giving speeches and honestly feel most alive and happiest when on stage.”
—Todd Patkin

Todd is an experienced speaker whose passionate, no-holds-barred, and at times unusual style never fails to make an impact (and elicit a few laughs along the way). He would love to inspire your organization while also helping your people learn how to live more happily.

Todd’s keynote speeches mix anecdotes from his extraordinary life with the relevant, applicable lessons those experiences have taught him. He’ll happily tailor the focus of his message to fit your organization’s specific needs and preferences. Topics Todd can cover include:

  • Why just 15 percent of your childhood memories (such as being bullied or feeling embarrassed) can negatively affect your outlook, self-image, and thus your life even as an adult

  • What depression and anxiety really feel like—from the perspective of someone who battled these twin tormentors for years

  • Why giving it everything you have (and often, for longer than you’d like) makes all the difference in business and in life

  • The role your marriage (or romantic relationship) plays in your life—and how to make it better than ever

  • How to connect to your “Higher Power”—and why this is so important in shaping the way you approach and experience life

  • Why it is essential to learn how to love yourself first if you truly want to be a happy person

  • Why it is a “must” to learn to be easier on yourself, and why it’s essential to move past perfectionism

  • Why it is absolutely critical to make exercise a part of your life

  • Why it’s essential to divorce your negative friends and spend less time with your negative relatives

  • Why giving back plays such a vital role in your journey towards happiness

  • …and so much more!

Finding Happiness with Todd

Check out Todd’s new video series
Finding Happiness with Todd

In this new series, Patkin identifies twelve things that will help anyone begin to lead a happier life, especially if they’re added on one at a time to your life and in the order in which they’re given. You’ll begin to focus more often on the behaviors, people, and things that will enrich and fulfill you, and that will inspire your positive physical, mental, and emotional growth. And conversely, you’ll stop allowing your negative moods and habits to dictate your life. If you’re ready to take control of the stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts that have been running your life so far, then tune in to learn about Patkin’s Twelve Weeks to Living a Happier Life…and why they’ll work for you.

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