Twelve Weeks to Living a Happier Life

Building Happier People

Join Todd each week for a valuable lesson in cultivating happiness!

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Week One—Focus on: Being Easier on Yourself

It’s true: You are your own worst critic. And you’ll never have a real shot at happiness if you’re always beating yourself up for mistakes and doubting your own abilities. Once you refocus the way you look at life and direct your attention to all of the things you do well instead of fixating on slip-ups and shortcomings, you’ll begin to have an altogether more positive life.

Don't forget to pay it forward

You may have already found a balance that brings you happiness, but chances are you know people who are still struggling with stress, doubt, and lack of joy. Spread the light by sharing Todd’s book and story with others who might be experiencing the same quiet misery, the same brutal doubts, and the same devastating depression that trapped him for so many years. Ultimately, sharing the path to happiness is one of the best possible ways by which you can change the world!

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